Flora and Diversity of Taiwanese Pteridophytes

20200512 v01
Accepted recorded name

Polypodiopsida 水龍骨綱 > Polypodiidae 水龍骨亞綱 > Cyatheales 桫欏目 > Cyatheaceae 桫欏科 > Alsophila 桫欏屬

Alsophila spinulosa (Wall. ex Hook.) R.M.Tryon


NEPAL, Wallich 178 (E); INDIA (Madras), Wright 149
Homotypic synonym
Cyathea spinulosa Wall. ex Hook.
Heterotypic synonym
Alsophila boninsimensis (Christ ex Diels) Christ
Alsophila confucii Christ
Alsophila decipiens J.Scott ex Bedd.
Alsophila fauriei Christ
Alsophila taiwaniana Nakai
Amphicosmia decipiens (J.Scott) Bedd.
Cyathea austrosinica Christ
Cyathea boninsimensis (Christ ex Kiels) Copel.
Cyathea confucii (Christ) Copel.
Cyathea decipiens (J.Scott) C.B.Clarke & Baker
Cyathea fauriei (Christ) Copel.
Cyathea taiwaniana Nakai
Hemitelia beddomei C.B.Clarke
Hemitelia boninsimensis Christ ex Diels
Hemitelia decipiens (J.Scott) J.Scott