Flora and Diversity of Taiwanese Pteridophytes

20200512 v01
Accepted recorded name

Polypodiopsida 水龍骨綱 > Polypodiidae 水龍骨亞綱 > Polypodiales 水龍骨目 > Aspleniineae 鐵角蕨亞目 > Thelypteridaceae 金星蕨科 > Thelypteridoideae 金星蕨亞科 > Christella 小毛蕨屬

Christella parasitica (L.) H.Lév. ex Y.H.Chang


CHINA (Guangdong, Guangzhou), P. Osbeck s.n. (LT: S; designated by Holttum, J. S. African Bot. 40: 141. 1974); INDIA, LT: an illustration from Van Rheede’s Hortus Indicus Malabaricus 12: t. 17. 1703, with an Epitype of Vijisha 13844 (from South India, CAL), both designated by Mazumdar & al., Bionature 37: 1–4. 2017; INDIA (Western Ghats), Manickam & Matthew 34024 (LT: RHT; designated by Fraser-Jenkins et al., Taxon 67(5): 1031–1032. 2018).
Homotypic synonym
Aspidium parasiticum (L.) Sw.
Christella parasitica (L.) Holttum
Cyclosorus parasiticus (L.) Farw.
Dryopteris parasitica (L.) Kuntze
Nephrodium parasiticum (L.) Desv.
Polypodium parasiticum L.
Thelypteris parasitica (L.) Fosberg
Thelypteris parasitica (L.) Tardieu
Heterotypic synonym
Aspidium procurrens Mett.
Cyclosorus parasiticus (L.) Farw. forma boninensis H.Ito
Cyclosorus parasiticus (L.) Farw. forma latilobus H.Ito
Cyclosorus parasiticus (L.) Farw. forma pilosissimus H.Ito
Cyclosorus parasiticus (L.) Farw. forma subglabra (Hosokawa) H.Ito
Cyclosorus procurrens (Mett.) Copel.
Dryopteris mollis (Sw.) Hieron. var. subglabra Hosokawa
Dryopteris patens (Sw.) Kuntze var. pilosa Christ ex Hayata
Dryopteris procurrens (Mett.) Kuntze
Nephrodium procurrens (Mett.) Baker
Thelypteris procurrens (Mett.) C.F.Reed
Excluded name
Aspidium patens (Sw.) Sw.
Dryopteris patens (Sw.) Kuntze
Thelypteris siamensis Tagawa & K.Iwats.