Flora and Diversity of Taiwanese Pteridophytes

20200512 v01
Accepted recorded name

Polypodiopsida 水龍骨綱 > Polypodiidae 水龍骨亞綱 > Polypodiales 水龍骨目 > Pteridineae 鳳尾蕨亞目 > Pteridaceae 鳳尾蕨科 > Vittarioideae 書帶蕨亞科 > Haplopteris 書帶蕨屬

Haplopteris flexuosa (Fée) E.H.Crane


INDIA, Wallich 144 (B, S)
Homotypic synonym
Vittaria flexuosa Fée
Heterotypic synonym
Vittaria caricina Christ
Vittaria costularis Ching
Vittaria filipes Christ
Vittaria flexuosa Fée var. filipes (Christ) Tardieu & C.Chr.
Vittaria flexuosa Fée var. japonica (Miq.) Hieron.
Vittaria flexuosa Fée var. lanceola (Christ.) Hieron.
Vittaria japonica Miq.
Vittaria lanceola Christ
Vittaria modesta Hand.-Mazz.
Vittaria nana Ching
Vittaria ophiopogonoides Ching
Vittaria suberecta Hayata
Vittaria suberosa Christ