Flora and Diversity of Taiwanese Pteridophytes

20200512 v01
Accepted recorded name

Polypodiopsida 水龍骨綱 > Polypodiidae 水龍骨亞綱 > Cyatheales 桫欏目 > Plagiogyriaceae 瘤足蕨科 > Plagiogyria 瘤足蕨屬

Plagiogyria pycnophylla (Kunze) Mett.


INDONESIA (Java, Mt. Gede), Gesker s.n. (LT: L)
Homotypic synonym
Lomaria pycnophylla Kunze
Heterotypic synonym
Plagiogyria coerulescens Ching
Plagiogyria communis Ching
Plagiogyria decrescens Ching
Plagiogyria gigantea Ching
Plagiogyria glauca (Blume) Mett. var. virescens C.Chr.
Plagiogyria lanuginosa Ching
Plagiogyria lineata Ching
Plagiogyria minguingensis R.D.Dixit & A.Das
Plagiogyria pycnophylla (Kunze) Mett. var. mixta Copel.
Plagiogyria pycnophylla (Kunze) Mett. var. remota Christ
Plagiogyria scandens Mett.
Plagiogyria simulans Ching
Plagiogyria taliensis Ching
Plagiogyria tetraptera W.M.Chu & J.J.He
Plagiogyria virescens (C.Chr.) Ching
Plagiogyria wilhelmensis Nakaike