Fern trips & meeting

2020 July Chao & Kuo joint lab field trip @ Orchid Island

  • Report date2020-07-10

Fet A-Kai, Pi-Fong & Pei-Jun. We are lucky landing on a fern-rich and COVID-free Island!



Kuo lab's members @ Tinchih天池! These young gays have an averaged age < 30 year-old


Chao lab's members! Much younger!! == 18 in the average forever!


Hiking to Mt. Chingshe青蛇山….


One of our targets, the super star-Tectaria sultii. Also the rarest Tectaria fern in Taiwan. Show up (and Pi-Fong is satisfied) finally!


Truly fertile individual of Lomariopsis boninensis!


Yi-Hsuan are collecting some gametophyte (being confused by Lomario-like bryophytes probably).


Unexpected finding, underground gametophyte of Helminthostachys zeylanica


One of our target ferns Schizaea dichotoma, quite tiny sporophytes and still looking for its gametophytes…


Interesting photo~ Pei-Jun is showing her love to Dipteris!


Two girls are enjoying their almost fern-free trips. Umn... look great too!