Fern trips & meeting

2020 April joint fern meeting @ Lienhuachih 蓮華池

FERN PIs' groups were showing at the place! Dr. Yi-Shan Chao, Dr. Yao-Moan Huang, and Dr. Li-Yaung Kuo... and other independent reaserchers, Wei-Ting, Pei-Hsuan, Pi-Fong, Yi-Han.


Also, fern members online; Dr. Tzu-Tong Kao was presenting his Notholaena works via googlemeet!

Some before and after meeting fern trips~

Yi-Hsuan found a "huge" Lomariopsis with young sporophylls, and was seeking gameophytes at the trunk base!

Pei-Hsuan guided a Tecteria plot for future phenology studies.